Fenice Rossa

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The Fenice “time capsules” are hand charmers for your memories. There is room for example for rings, ashes or small letters, to “carry them into the future”. You can take the Fenice Rossa in your hand whenever you want as a comforter and get a positive feeling from your memories. Fenice signifies phoenix. As a mythical creature, the phoenix stands for freedom, absolute power and for overcoming death. It is known in many ancient cultures.
There is an easy-to-open screw cap at the bottom. This can also be engraved.
In this way, rituals can help to support the work of mourning. Annual celebrations, farewells can be taken with a Fenice at a time of one’s own choosing. Often, the Fenice is used to set up one’s own places of mourning. They are small and can also be taken along when travelling.

The high gloss lacquered surface of this memorial urn is made of dyed tulip wood. This wood is very uniform, which intensifies the Ferrari red.

Additional information
Weight 0,075 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 6 cm


Größe / Size

0.028 litre Fenice cilindrical & rectangular Ø5.5x6cm & 5x5x6cm (internal dimension 4.5×0.3cm)

Farben / Colours


Materialien Oberflächen / surfaces


Oberfläche / Finish


Beisetzungsform / Burial method

Alternative private mourning places, Nature burial

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